As you have no doubt noticed, we live in a time in which our lives are frequently documented through video and photography, whether we wish that were so or not. Of the various videos about my work that have been turning up around the Web, here are links to a few that I actually like:

Picoas Project Interview: Documentary project by Thollem McDonas on artistic engagement.

The Reach of Resonancedocumentary trailer.

Water Music: Jose Rose up to his usual crazy tricks.

Bob Ostertag – Fred Frith duo, Oakland, 2011.

Interview by Derk Richardson before a live audience at the San Francisco Museum of Performance & Design Performing Arts Library, on May 27, 2007. “Ostertag concentrates his remarks on the evolution of electronic music, what constitutes a performance, and the inherent tension between body and machine.” Part of the Improv:21 series sponsored by ROVA:Arts.


Complete Performances

The following are videos of complete performances. The audio in these recordings come from room mics and is not professional quality. However, the video may provide a sense of what the performances are.

Living Cinema

Living Cinema is the longstanding improvisational cinema project of Bob Ostertag and Pierre Hébert. In the performances, the two create an animated “movie”with soundtrack, live onstage, and project it as they go. The project is very much a live event, and cannot be fully captured in a video recording. However, the following excerpts may be used to get some idea of what the project is all about: