The Yes Men

The Yes MenThe Yes Men: The True Story of the End of the World Trade Organization
New York: Disinformation Press, 2004.
(Published anonymously as the Yes Men, co-authored with Mike Bonano and Andy Bichlbaum.)
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The birth of “identity correction:” activists travel the world posing as spokespeople for the World Trade Organization.
“This is Jonathan Swift for the Jackass Generation, a combination of devastatingly intelligent critique with slapstick hilarity. You are holding in your hands the next breakthrough book on globalization-thank god it’s so much fun to read.”
– Naomi Klein, author of No Logo

“The Yes Men is one of the best, funniest and most empowering books anyone can read, purchase or give someone. I highly recommend it.”
– Maria Heller, The Maria Heller Show

“This guy’s just a garbageman. There ought to be limits to freedom. Of course I don’t appreciate it-and you wouldn’t either.”
– George Walker Bush, U.S. “President”

“Multinational corporations have many enemies but few as creative and funny as the Yes Men. This lavishly illustrated paperback is funny and chilling, the perfect coffee-table book for the kind of people who don’t own coffee tables.”
– Keir Graff, Booklist