Recent TV, Radio and Newspaper

Mexico City: Interview by Walter Schmidt Ballardo in the newspaper Milenio: Bob Ostertag: “Hendrix debería ser una figura mayor en la historia de la música electrónica” July 25, 2018.


Excellent piece by Giuseppe Aiello in the Italian music magazine Blow Up: Blow Up October 2017. He is part of the L’Asilo artist and musician collective in Naples.


lengthy interview from the major Belgrade daily newspaper.

review of the concert from the same newspaper. Rough translation of the final paragraph:

Sooner or Later” is an extremely painful piece based on Bob Ostertag’s personal experience during his years of full-time Central America activism in the 1980s, especially in El Salvador. The music is made from a recording of a typical episode from the reality of El Salvador at that time. A father was shot by a government soldier and his little son is weeping from his deepest soul for him. We hear the boy, the shovel digging the grave, and the fly buzzing around carelessly, totally unaware of the whole drama. These three sources of sound emerge from Bob’s small electronic apparatus, in a series of scenes interrupted by breaths of silence. At the beginning, we are aware of each of these characters represented by sound, as if we could times we could see them right in front of us. But, step by step, this soundscape is veering away from our original perspective. Constellations are changing. We witness the rhythm of a milestone of life. The cries of the boy and the crumbling of soil are grinding the reality into molasses of such thickness that we start to feel the true panic. You nearly suffocate in this vibrant syrup of pure sorrow.  But suddenly you emerge into a polyphony worthy of some politically minded electronic Bach. Out of the blue  there is an oratorio of voices and instruments of nature, an utensil with a sharp aim at work, the real symphony of psalms lifted towards disbelief, in which the sound is flaming up to the cataclysm of Judgment Day, Ragnarok itself. But then again, a new peace elicited from organs of tranquility bring the vibration of a huge hope for everyone, to make discords of the soul one more time to break the continents and heavens and finally stir up the spirits of the past like grand bells. Very, very spiritual. We are stunned.  – Zorica Kojić for Danas daily, Belgrade, Serbia


Interview on Italian TV: Intervista al guru del sintetizzatore. Bob Ostertag ospite di Tempo Reale.

And also covered on the front page of the Florence newspaper: Repubblica Interview



Interview in L’Orient Le Jour, Beirut’s major French-language newspaper, “Bob Ostertag, createur va-t-en-guerre.”

Extended radio interview on “Ruptured,” a contemporary music program on Lebanese State Radio.


Interview published Taraf, newspaper in Istanbul. Interview

Mexico City

Interview by Walter Schmidt in the national Mexican newspaper Milenio:

Bob Ostertag: Periodista Radical y Müsico Experimental





From Smart Shanghai:

Makassar, Indonesia:

Interview in Revius: “Lagu Itu Bernilai Lebih Dari Sekadar Komposis”

Concert review in Revius: “Pesan Tentang Lingkungan Dan Kemanusiaan”

National Indonesian Radio (RRI Portal Berita Radio Berjaringan Nasional dan Internasional)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bob Ostertag, el artista punk “capaz de hacer música con cualquier cosa”

Concert announcement

Montevideo, Urugay

Lima, Peru

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