House of Discipline

House of DisciplineHouse of Discipline has done only 2 concerts, in San Francisco and Bologna, yet already its reputation has spread through the underground. Three top improvisors of extremely diverse backgrounds meet together under one roof. Tokyo meets San Francisco. Noise meets more noise. Godzilla meets Flipper. Discipline to spare. Highly unlikely and altogether improbable. Watch for the sister project: House of Splendor.

House of Discipline’s “The Art Of Fistfucking” from the compilation AngelicA 1997

Bob Ostertag’s instruments range from cutting edge digital devices to old tape recorders linked with helium balloons. His compositions include solo works for live electronics, computer-generated tape pieces, the repertoire of his touring ensemble, Say No More, and works for other ensembles such as the Kronos Quartet. His work with digital sampling has established him as an influential pioneer in this media. He has released 12 cd’s and records of his compositions.

Mike Patton sings with the rock group Faith No More and the highly eclectic Mr. Bungle. He also performs in a more improvised context with John Zorn (with whom he recently completed an Asian tour), and in various ad hoc groups. In addition to his recordings with Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, he has a solo cd on the Tzadik label, Adult Themes for Voice, with another forthcoming.

From composing soundtracks for television and film, music for drama and dance, sound works for architecture, and producing cd’s, and concerts, the sheer range of Otomo Yoshihide’s work is noteworthy. His Ground Zero ensemble has emerged as a leading voice of the Tokyo alternative underground. His Hong Kong kung fu film sound tracks have gained him a following in Asia. And now, through collaborations with numerous European musicians, his notoriety is spreading to that continent as well.