Most of Bob’s recordings can be downloaded by clicking on the “additional info” link. You will find the music available for free or “pay what you like.” If you want to pay, that is wonderful. If you want to download it for free, that is also fine.

You may be interested in the articles Bob wrote about why he chose to give away his music:

The Professional Suicide of a Recording Musician. Question Copyright, 2007

Collateral Damage, The Wire, July 2011.


Wish You Were Here World Tour 2015-2016

I played this music during my one-year-and-a-month world tour from March 2015 through April 2016. When preparing for my year on the road, I set a goal of traveling with four concert-length sets of music played with…

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Bob Ostertag Plays the Serge!

Bob Ostertag Plays the Serge! 1978-1983 (2014)

This music was made a long time ago, by someone very different from the person I am today. I had not heard some of this music since it was recorded thirty-five years ago.

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Bob Ostertag Plays the Aalto (2013)All music made with Aalto, a software synthesizer created by Randy Jones and his Madrona Labs, which was in turn inspired by the modular analog synthesizers of the 1970s.

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Book of Hours 1400 x 1400

A Book of Hours (2013)

Devotional music to nothing in particular, with the extraordinary voices of Shelley Hirsch, Theo Bleckmann, and Phil Minton, and the breath and reeds of saxophone legend Roscoe Mitchell.

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Motormouth (2011) Bob Ostertag plays the Buchla 200e.

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w00t (2007)

w00t is a free, internet-only release composed entirely from fragments of music from video games.

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lc_dvd_bothLiving Cinema Presents Between Science and Garbage (2004)

Recording of live cinema performance with film maker Pierre Hébert. [Tzadik DVD Edition 3002]

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Say No More Project:
Say No More

Say No More
(Say No More Project 1) (1993)

With Joey Baron (percussion), Mark Dresser (bass), Gerry Hemingway (percussion) and Phil Minton (voice). Assembled on computer from fragments of solo improvisations

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Say No More in PersonSay No More in Person
(Say No More Project 2) (1994)With Joey Baron (percussion), Mark Dresser (bass), Gerry Hemingway (percussion) and Phil Minton (voice). Assembled on computer from fragments of solo improvisations.

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(Say No More Project 3) (1996)With Gerry Hemingway (percussion), Mark Dresser (bass), and Phil Minton (voice).

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Verbatim F&B medVerbatim Flesh & Blood
(Say No More Project 4) (2000)With Gerry Hemingway (percussion), Mark Dresser (bass), and Phil Minton (voice).

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Dear Prime Minister cover 300Dear Prime Minister (1998)

With the students of the Hansa Gymnasium. WDR/Hansa Special. Special release through the Hansa Gymnasium and WDR. A UNESCO project to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

[no longer available]

All the Rage cover 300All the Rage (1993)

Kronos Quartet plays Ostertag’s transcriptions of gay riots in San Francisco. Libretto by Sara Miles.
[Elektra-Nonesuch 79332-2]

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Burns Like FireBurns Like Fire (1992)

Riots, country and western, and gospel. Companion piece to All the Rage. Re-issued in MVORL limited edition in 2001.

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Sooner or LaterSooner or Later (1991)

Solo based on a recording of a Salvadoran boy burying his father. RecRec Music (RecDec 37) Re-issued on MVORL/Seeland in limited edition in 2001. [Seeland 514]

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Solo Improvisations:
DJ of the Month 2 cover 300DJ of the Month: Bob Ostertag Solo Volume 2 (2002)

Solo improvisations. [Seeland 526]

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Like a MelodyLike A Melody, No Bitterness: Bob Ostertag Solo Volume 1 (1997)

Solo improvisation. Seeland 508. Re-issued in MVORL limited edition in 2001. [Seeland 508]

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Panty Christ Cover 300PantyChrist (1999)

With Otomo Yoshihide (dj) and Justin Bond (vocal). [Seeland 510]

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fear no loveFear No Love (1995)

With Mike Patton, Fred Frith, Justin Bond, Lynn Breedlove, 15 others. [Avant 041]

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The Surgeon GeneralThe Surgeon General (2012)

Limited edition LP. DJ Rrose remixes Ostertag’s 1977 composition The Surgeon General. Original track included as well. 2012.

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Motormouth VariationsMotormouth Variations (2011)

Limited edition LP. DJ Rrose remixes Ostertag’s CD of music made on the Buchla 200e Motormouth. Original tracks included as well. 2011.

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Twins cover 300Twins! (1996)

With Otomo Yoshihide (dj). Resampled “twins” of parent tracks by Herb Robertson, Chris Cutler, and Yagi Michiyo. [Creativeman 0030]

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Attention SpanAttention Span (1990)

With John Zorn (alto sax) and Fred Frith (guitar). Rift Records (Rift 14) and RecRec Music (RecDec 33). Re-issued in MVORL limited edition in 2001.

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Voice of AmericaVoice of America (1982)

With Fred Frith (guitar) and Phil Minton (voice). Recorded in concert in London and NYC. RecRec Music (RecDec 907). Re-issued in MVORL limited edition in 2001.

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Getting a HeadGetting A Head (1980)

With Charles K. Noyes (percussion) and Fred Frith (guitar). Uses unorthodox instrument built from tape recorders and helium balloons. Rift Records. Re-issued in MVORL limited edition in 2001. [Seeland 516]

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Fall Mountain medFall Mountain: Early Fall (1979)

With Ned Rothenberg (wind instruments) and Jim Katzin (violin). Recorded at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

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Performing the works of other composers:
Braxton Creative Orch cover 300Anthony Braxton: Creative Orchestra (Koln) 1978 (1995)

Live performance from 1978 released as 2-CD set in 1995.
[hatART 2-6171]


Anthony Braxton Creative Orchestra coverEugene Chadbourne: The English Channel (1978)

Eugene Chadbourne’s large ensemble extravaganza, featuring many young East Village improvisors, including John Zorn, Fred Frith, Wayne Horvitz, LaDonna Smith, many more.

BurdocksBurdocks (2001)

“For half a century legendary scholar Christian Wolff has created a very personal musical response to John Cage’s challenging experiments and three of his most distinctive compositions receive inspiring performances here by a collection of San Francisco and New York’s best and most imaginative performers. Fred Frith, Joan Jeanrenaud, Bob Ostertag, Miya Masaoka and Stephen Drury are just a few of the remarkable players percussion virtuoso William Winant has brought together to pay tribute to the fascinating work of this conceptual visionary, who performs at the piano with an all-star ensemble on his most famous composition Burdocks.”

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Keep the Dog cover medFred Frith/Keep the Dog: That House We Lived In (2003)

2-CD set of concert recordings of Frith’s ensemble from the 1990s.
[Recommended Records FRA 3]


Zorn PoolJohn Zorn: Pool (2003)

Re-release of one of Zorn’s earliest game pieces first issued in 1979.
[Tzadik 73163]

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Zorn the parachute years cover medJohn Zorn: The Parachute Years (1997)

Multi-CD set of Zorn’s early game pieces.
[Tzadik 7316-7]

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AngelicA patton otomo cover 300AngelicA 97:
House of Discipline
(with Mike Patton and Otomo Yoshihide).Included on AngelicA 1997, a compilation of performances at the Angelica music festival in Bologna, Italy, 1997.
[I dischi di angelica 3]
AngelicA zorn frith cover 300Angelica 1994:
Improvisations with John Zorn and Fred Frith
Included on AngelicA 1994, a compilation of performances at the Angelica music festival in Bologna, Italy, 1994.
[I dischi di angelica 1]