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July 19: with Hans Falb in Nickelsdorf.

The Nickelsdorf festival was a joy. High points certainly included hearing Eddie Prevost’s set with John Edwards and Tom Chant, and hearing Olaf Rupp play in a trio with vibist Els Vandemeyer. After doing this for 30 years, I cannot often say I am hearing music I have never heard before, but I honestly have never heard someone play guitar like Olaf did.

Thank you thank you thank you to Hans Falb the festival director, his brother (who handles the money but usually runs a gas station), his sister who cleans the club every night, and the extraordinary group of volunteers that have kept this festival going for nearly 40 years.

July 17-19. Konfrontation Festival. Nickelsdorf, Austria.

In the tiny town of Nickelsdorf on the Austria-Hungarian border at the Konfrontation Festival.

On the 17th I played solo. Tonight I play with my trio with Jon Rose and Gerry Hemingway. Lovely to play again with these long-time friends and stellar musicians.

The festival itself is a phenomenon. Now in something like its 37th year, it is one of the major festivals of improvised music and free jazz in the world, in the most unlikely little truck-stop town. People fly in from around the world to be here! There is only one reason it is here, and that is the passion and hard work of Hans Falb, the festival organizer and proprietor of Nickelsdor’s only real restaurant. An extraordinary person.

Bar Florio. Cagliari, Italy. June 16, 2015.

Last minute concert at the Bar Florio in Cagliari, at the southern tip of Sardinia. Concert was outdoors in the plaza in front of the bar. Gorgeous public space. Toddlers running around. Older kids on skateboards. Elderly people chatting away at their tables. Young adults focused on the music.

Cagliari on a summer night is special. The ancient part of the city with stone streets and no cars is quite large. So simple to make a city more livable: make the cars go away!

Bar Florio.

Brno, Czech Republic. June 13, 2015.

Super fun concert in Brno. The grand plan was an outdoor concert in a field in a forest. Sort of a rave. A major wave of rain, thunder and lightening moved everything into an old stone building nearby. No matter. A special night. Organized by an extraordinary individual who on Facebook goes by the name Snediggen Snurssla. Thank you!

Brno 1 Brno 2