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First interview in Spanish

As far as I can remember, this is the first time I have ever done a radio or podcast interview in Spanish.

Recorded in April in Lima, Peru.


Synth Pioneers and Inventors

Two beautiful intimate concerts in recent days.

First was a private concert for synth pioneer Don Buchla at his home in Berkeley California. I first encountered his instruments in 1975 when I played a Buchla 200 at the Oberlin conservatory. Then over the years I played with his Lightening, his Thunder, and his 200e. Close fried, engineering genius, and unrepentant 1960s freak. Love him.

Then on to Seattle for a private concert for Randy Jones of Madrona Labs, the creator of the Buchla-inspired Aalto virtual synthesizer, which is my synthesizer of choice these days.

That is a lot of brain power and creativity between those two.

It was an honor.


With Don Buchla and his partner Yannick


In Seattle with Mats Meyerberg (maker of the world’s first digital audio editor about 30 years ago) and Randy Jones, inventor of the Aalto




Buchla 200


Aalto Virtual Synthesizer


Version 2

Playing for Randy Jones and friends in Seattle

A Book of Hours – European Premiere in Prague

Just back from the European premiere of A Book of Hours at the vs. Interpretation festival in Prague. Not only was it the European premiere, it was the first time I had all three of the vocalists together on stage: Theo Bleckmann, Audrey Chen, and Phil Minton. Wow. That is just an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the human voice. Honored to share a stage with them, let alone have them perform my (our!) music.

This project is now ready for the road. Hopefully, more performance opportunities will present themselves soon.

Many thanks to vs. Interpretation and the Agosto Foundation for making this possible.

Beyond A Book of Hours, there were many festival highlights for me:

Hearing Mazen Kerbaj and Sharif  Sehnaoui play with Tony Buck and long-time collaborator Christine Abdelnour

Finally hearing percussion virtuoso Le Quan Ninh

And hearing the incredible bamboo flute organ of instrument builder Hans van Koolwijk


Hans van Koolwijk’s amazing bamboo flute organ, vs. Intertation Festival, Prague, 2016


with Hans van Koolwijk at the vs. Intertation Festival, Prague, 2016


Hans van Koolwijk’s amazing bamboo flute organ, vs. Intertation Festival, Prague, 2016


Hans van Koolwijk’s amazing bamboo flute organ, vs. Intertation Festival, Prague, 2016


Hans van Koolwijk’s amazing bamboo flute organ, vs. Intertation Festival, Prague, 2016


Hans van Koolwijk’s amazing bamboo flute organ, vs. Intertation Festival, Prague, 2016


With drum master Ninh Lê Quan at the Vs. Interpretation Festival, Prague, 2016.

March 24, 2016: Valdivia, Chile with Fred Frith

How wonderful to play a duo concert with Fred Frith after a year on the road. Fred is both my longest musical collaborator and my longest continuous friendship. We first met and played together in 1978, which would be nearly 40 years ago. Fred plays on my very first record, Getting A Head, released on the Rift Label which Fred started and then invited me to join. My first trip to Central America was actually a mission for Rift, with the idea of releasing an LP of Central American music as a fundraiser for the revolutionary movements there. That trip changed my life. Voice of America, which was also a collaboration with Fred (and Phil Minton), was my last release before immersing myself in the Central American movevments for a decade. Attention Span, my first recording after all of that, was another collaboration with Fred (and John Zorn).

Anyone sensing a theme here? 😉

Fred has been a friend, mentor, collaborator, and inspiration. The only problem is I don’t see him as much as I would like these days, and definitely do not play with him as often as I would like. This concert was a reminder, as if I needed one, and what a treasure this guy is.

Many thanks to Benjamin Vengara for organizing everything in such a kind and thoughtful way, and to Paulina Rojas for being my facilitator of everything Chileno.

Sadly, I came away from Valdivia with no photos. If you have a nice picture of the show, please send it to me. 🙂




March 8-9-10-11: Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

Whirlwind time in Buenos Aires at the Teatro Colón. Four concerts of my music in four nights. Many different projects. Two world premieres. Barely keeping up with it all. The most exciting part, for sure, was the world premiere of my new project, “A Book of Hours,” with Phil Minton​, Audrey Chen​, and Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø​. Theo Bleckmann​ was very sadly unable to participate due to illness. Tonight, the final concert will feature my long time close friend and collaborator, Pierre Hébert.

I have worked with Phil Minton now and again since 1980, and no matter how often I hear him he never ceases to amaze. This was my first opportunity to work with Audrey and Henrik, two exceptional musicians. Audrey was simply sensational.

In April we will do the European premiere in Prague at the Versus Interpretation Festival, this time with Theo Bleckmann participating. This live “A Book of Hours” ensemble is my first ensemble project for quite a few years, and I could not be happier with it. My hope is that we tour and perform as much as my Say No More Ensemble toured in the 1990s.

Big big thank yous to these amazing musicians, and to Miguel Galperin of the Centro de Experimentación at the Teatro Colón for making these four days possible.


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