Books and Articles


Sex Science Self: A Social History of Estrogen, Testosterone, and Identity
University of Massachusetts Press, 2016
Rethinking identity and activism in the pharmaceutical age.

Raising expectations (And Raising Hell)
New York: Verso, 2012. Co-authored with Jane McAlevey.
Named by the Nation Magazine as the Most Valuable Book of 2012.

Creative Life: Music, Politics, People, and Machines
University of Illinois Press, 2009.

Luminous essays on the nexus of music, politics, and technology

People’s Movements, People’s Press : The Journalism of Social Justice Movements
Boston: Beacon Press, 2006.
A history of radical journalism in America. 

The Yes Men: The True Story of the End of the World Trade Organization
New York: Disinformation Press, 2004. Published anonymously as the Yes Men, co-authored with Mike Bonano and Andy Bichlbaum.
The birth of “identity correction:” activists travel the world posing as spokespeople for the World Trade Organization.

Book Chapters:

“The Underground Press: A History,”
in Geoff Kaplan, ed., Power to the People:
The Graphic Design of the Radical Press and the Rise of the Counter-Culture, 1964-1967

University of Chicago Press, 2013.

“Social Movements and the Printed and Electronic Word”
in Alternatives on Media Content, Journalism, and Regulation:
The Grassroots Discussion Panels at the 2007 ICA Conference

Tartu, Estonia: Tartu University Press, 2007.
Outlining the historical research that went into my book People’s Movements, People’s Press, I address some of the vexing issues posed by the transition of social movement journalism from the printed to the electronic word.

“All the Rage,” in John Zorn, ed., Arcana: Musicians on Music
New York: Granary Books, 2000.
Technical and detailed discussion of “All the Rage,” a string quartet transcribed from recordings of queer riots in San Francisco, and premiered by the Kronos Quartet at Lincoln Center.
The CD of “All the Rage” can be found HERE***.

“At a Dead End?” in Hannes Leopoldseder and Christine Schopf, eds., Ars Electronica 1996
Vienna: SpringerVerlang, 1996.
Essay about serving on the computer music jury in the 1996 Ars Electronica festival. Widely reprinted in many languages, usually with the title Why Computer Music Sucks, which it was given in a reprint which appeared in Resonance.


Why I No Longer Give Away My Music: How the digital music biz makes it difficult for musicians to offer free downloads, June 6, 2013

The Professional Suicide of a Recording Musician
also read at: and, April 2007

Kunst und Politik: Nach dem Elften September   [ PDF ]
MusikTexte, Number 100, February 2004
(Also appear in my book Creative Life.)

Human Bodies, Computer Music   [ PDF ]
Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 12, 2002
Literaturen Vestnikî, 14-20 April, 2994 (Bulgarian translation of english)
Essay will also appear in forthcoming book, Creative Life

All the Rage   [ PDF ]
Arcana: Musicians On Music, John Zorn, ed.
Granary Books, NY: 2000.

Why Computer Music Sucks   
Originally published in published in LMC, Texts on Improvised and Experimental Music from Resonance Magazine. Volume 5 Number 1