Publication of my fifth book

Happy to announce the publication of my fifth book.

Sex Science Self: A Social History of Estrogen and Testosterone.

If you would, order it from University of Massachusetts Press instead of Amazon. Please forward the link far and wide.
Thank you!


One thought on “Publication of my fifth book

  1. kiptw

    This is irrelevant and perhaps silly. I encountered you at a high school speech meet (Denver or Loveland, I think), and as we were in a room with a piano, you played me some of a twelve-tone rag you were working on. I was intrigued, but didn’t have a twelve-tone brain, so none of it has stayed with me, but I still wish I could recall it. Did you do anything with that? Okay, it was silly.

    I never saw you after that, though I seem to recall I once made a flyer for a performance you gave in Fort Collins, along with Fred Frith. (I moved all over the place and ended up in NY state.)



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