January 31, 2016: Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Really nice and surprising show last night in Makassar. Everyone in Java was confused about why I was playing in Makassar. No one had ever heard of anyone playing in Makassar. “There is no scene there.”

But actually the scene was lovely. Played outdoors in front of an architect office. Food stalls and a crazy food home made food truck. A larger and more attentive audience than most of the shows in Java. With opening music by Reza Enem, who organized the show along with Marwan Andan.

Had a lovely time in Makassar, thanks to Reza and Andan. Took me to beautiful places, and introduced me to interesting people. Andan lives and breathes for social justice, and introduced me to union organizers, eviction resisters, student organizers, land rights activists. Fantastic.


With Marwan Andar (left) and Reza Enem (right)


Food truck geniuses






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